We digitize our skins to facilitate the design of footwear and leather goods

In Lajara we are committed to innovation, as we are the first tannery warehouse to join the INESCOP program that digitizes the leather for the shoe design process. Thus, our skins are available to designers in our website making their creative work and design of new collections easier every season.

A program that represents a great advance for the national and international design field, and from which almost 3,000 licenses have been sold worldwide. It allows to reduce physical samples up to 30% , to design and to manufacture a sole for validation in a matter of hours or to obtain immediate data of the waiting times among production processes, together with other aspects.

For all these reasons, our collaboration with INESCOP contributes to create a smart, connected, automatic, personalized, much more sustainable and collaborative footwear industry, focused on the most imminent future and allowing any company to compete at the highest level.

Would you like to obtain more information about our leather and discover our new SS21 catalogue?