Every choice you make, shapes your fate

Changes in the world are going faster and faster. This new pandemic has accelerated even more this process and what some years ago was recommendable today is a must.

Sustainability and environmental commitment have turned into a essential aspect that every company must take attention to. Design, materials, logistics, etc., each one of them is tightly tied to this new concern, and in Curtidos Lajara we are very aware of it. For that reason, we have included new “Free Chrome” tanning lines and we are currently trying new materials qualified as “Vegan” to introduce in this sector, always making sure that we comply the “REACH Certificate” and at the same time we belong to the “LWG” as “Approved Trader

And this is just the beginning…

We are currently working in the new Spring-Summer 22 Season. Available in January 2021.

Current collection available here: