Around Us

Textures, trends, colours, prints and the maximum quality at the service of fashion and creativity.

The leather we sell each season is the means of inspiration for designers and firms. In our collections they can find any kind of leather, colours and finish to make their creations even more special.

Our challenge consists in amazing and transmitting new emotions each season through the originality and the elegance of our leather.

The Economy

What kind of leather do you need? In Curtidos Lajara warehouse we have a wide stock of any kind we care to name, either finished or unfinished. Furthermore, we are totally able to create new and exclusive articles.

And it is the spirit of service and renewal that encourages us each season to release our new own collections based on the main trends. This makes our leather continue being a fine, precious and versatile resource with multiple uses in the fashion sector.

Our People

Fashion is our must and every year it is becoming more and more responsible with the environment. For that reason, we are constantly looking for new and better quality control procedures around the world to obtain the maximum quality for each piece of leather.

Besides all this, sustainability is a priority in our company. A good example of that is our chrome free leather of the best quality whose ‘alternative tanning’ eliminates this harmful component decreasing the risk of harming the environment.