Ante Floresta


This leather is manufactured in its reverse. It is a highly regarded product due to its colour intensity and pleasing touch.


One of our main products, `Tibet´ from Spain, follows a rigorous cherry-picked pieces process and it is finished from wet-blue by our Spanish technical team specialized in this product.


We own a lot of goat leather articles for uppers coming from the international market, well known by their incredible value for money and their wide range of colours.

Charol Rojo


It comes from goat and cow. The main characteristic of this product is the shiny and smooth finish.

Indira Onca

Animal Print Imitation

Cow leather with its original fur aiming to copy that animal print design with the highest quality.

Arlequin Mistral


Leather with different engravings, plates, and combinations of sheets inspired by the most innovative trends each season.

Maxim F-689


We have a wide range of Nappas & Boxcalf in different thickness from 1 mm on.

Crust Camel


Goat and crossbreed lamb-goat leather treated and ready to decide its final finish. Wide range of colours.


Goat and crossbreed lamb-goat leather with special treatment for the inside of footwear. Extensive colouring.

Mutton Beige

Fur Lining

Lamb lining with its own natural fur.

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