Spring & Summer 2023 Digital Book

As we were anticipating in our newsletter presentation of the Spring & Summer 2023 Collection, we want to announce that Curtidos Lajara has enabled for all the users of the website a new tab with a digital versión of the Book from the new Collection, where all the colour cards are together in one place.

This project, as the same as the website, is done in order to avoid that the physical distance between the companies could be a problem. So you can see the complete Collection whenever and wherever you want.

At the same time we are creating a sustainable way to the colour cards consumption; as we avoid unnecesary transportation and use of them, focussing on the things that really matters which is that our leather can be part of your creations.

Last but not least is the fact that we are also creating a new experience for the customers, as we are approaching the sensations of discovering new leather with each turn of page and card in a digital way

#KeepSafe #GraciasPorEstarAhí #DareToDream