New Spring & Summer 2022 Collection Now Available

After a long and arduous effort made by our Team, we can finally introduce you to the new Spring & Summer 2022 Collection by Curtidos Lajara.

GaudíJaypurZoeMarea… We have many new articles this season, as well as new colours and combinations of articles you will love. Nevertheless, our most special and risky creation is the PATCHWORK (Article Persia). This is a tribute to the ancient craftsmanship and conventional techniques that were used in the past in the bag and shoe making industries. There are endless possibilities! And as we say in Curtidos Lajara, ‘Dare to dream’.

We are all in for a better world, so however small they are, every little act counts towards reducing the carbon footprint. That is why we are continuing the line of Chrome Free Articles previously introduced, and we are still working with national firms to develop new and sustainable techniques.

Our new collection is now available on our website, which you can access through the button below. You are just one click away from discovering our new creations!

Additionally, we will have all the colour cards at your disposal in a few weeks so you can feel and appreciate all the textures and colours. 

Thank you for being there another season!