The Autumn & Winter 2023/2024 Collection is here!

After hard months of work by the Curtidos Lajara technical team, studying the latest trends and checking which articles are most in demand, today, we are finally releasing the new Autumn and Winter 2023/2024 Collection, which is now available on our official web page as well as in our facilities.

This time, along with the lamb novelties, we also wanted to offer new and varied cow lines, which go from a very economical range suitable for everybody to a more sophisticated range, while always maintaining the standards and guarantees we have always offered our customers. You can find the natural cow lining, the Aitana, the Peña, or the Nobuck, all ready to be shipped.

Regarding the sheep and lamb articles, the most remarkable novelties are the Noah, a daring and crystalline article of textured feel, or the Vilma, distinguished by its reptile texture finish whose scale chains have multiple colours, creating this way an article never before seen in Curtidos Lajara.

You will also find new tonalities and colours for the articles you already know, which will be trendy this season and have been developed to suit the necessities of designers.

All in all, you will be able to find every article along with its digital colour card and pictures on our web page, as well as a Digital Book, which gathers all the collection’s colour cards in the same place.

Throughout the following weeks, we will be adding new articles and colours to our web page, so stay tuned!

Kind regards from the Curtidos Lajara Team,

We hope you enjoy the new collection.